iPad justification

OK. So I was one of those who pre-ordered the first iPad and had it delivered to my parsonage door on the very first day that it was available. I’m not an Apple fanboy, I swear. And I don’t consider myself to be on the cutting edge of technology (well, certainly not bleeding edge anyway). Even though many previewers weren’t even sure what to make of the new device, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this Apple tablet was going to be a game changer. The iPad possessed all the features I never knew I needed until Steve Jobs pointed them out to me in his keynote.

Two obstacles stood between me and the coveted iPad. 1) How was I going to scrape together the money to buy it? and 2) How was I going to convince my wife to let me buy it?  You can guess which was the higher hurdle.

I knew right away that I needed to downplay the iPad’s entertainment value.

“You just want it to play games on it and watch movies,” my wife insisted.

“What?” I said, feigning ignorance. A half-beat later: “Oh, yeah. I guess I read somewhere that you could also download games for it and the screen would be awesome for movies…. I suppose the kids would like that. Might even keep them entertained and busy on long trips.” Oooh, I could tell by her face that that point actually scored! We’d have to discuss later under what terms I’d actually let the kids get their hands on my new baby.

“But how are you going to use it, then?” my wife asked. “What could you do with an iPad that you couldn’t do with your laptop or any other tool you already own?”

That’s the question that this blog means to answer. What value and benefit does an iPad offer to justify the expense of not just the tablet itself, but also the other accompanying expenses? Since I’m a pastor, I plan on offering tips and tricks for using an iPad in the pastoral ministry. I’ll also offer reviews of some apps that I’ve found helpful. Other types of technology in the ministry might be mentioned from time to time. And obviously some of what you read here may work just as well for other professions outside the pastoral ministry. Feel free to add your own thoughts and experiences.


2 Responses to iPad justification

  1. K Salzwedel says:

    I just bought an IPad 1 , used, for my little WELS classroom. I own a MacBook pro, which has great programs for planning, grading, and research, not to mention research and Bible study. I find that my iPad is an extension of that. I can take grades, change plans, research, and read my Bible while standing in front of my class. I haven’t even gone into displaying notes and power points on the church projector! It has it’s limits, I am sure, but I haven’t found them yet.

  2. revguy says:

    K, I can imagine that an iPad would be very handy for a teacher like yourself that has to stand in front of a class all day. What apps have you found most useful as a teacher?

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