New Amazon Kindle tablet

Earlier today Amazon announced their new Kindles. The most anticipated was the Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet priced at $199. In addition, an even cheaper Kindle Touch ($99 for wifi-only, $149 for 3G) gives more real estate to the Kindle screen by replacing the keyboard with a multi-touch interface.

This isn’t a “tech blog” in the normal sense, and I don’t really care if the the Fire is an ‘iPad-killer’. I’ve never taken sides in the Mac vs PC or Apple vs. Android fanboy wars. Most pastors I know are simply looking for affordable tools that will assist them in their ministries. If you are looking for a tablet mostly for reading and storing your pastoral library digitally, my guess is you will be well served by purchasing one of these Kindles rather than an iPad and saving yourself $300-400. Think how many digital books that will buy!

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