So you got an iPad for Christmas. Now what?

Congratulations, Pastor, on receiving an iPad for Christmas. Whether you bought it for yourself or received it as a present from members of your family or members of your congregation, you might be wondering today, “This is so cool! Now how do I use this thing? I’ve heard it might be useful for my ministry.”

Many of us have found the iPad to be a highly practical tool for our ministry in a wide range of situations. You’ll notice that there is much you can do just with the apps (short for “applications”) that come loaded with your new tablet, like Maps, the Calendar, Notes, and more. But soon you’ll want to visit the iTunes App Store where you’ll find thousands more to download. The apps range from free to considerably more than free, but the majority can be had for less than five dollars. Quite a bargain when you compare to computer software prices — especially when you may find yourself using the iPad apps even more frequently than you use your “real” computer. Some of my most used apps include Keynote (for presentations and slideshows), OmniFocus (manages my productivity), GoodReader (for reading PDFs), PrayNow (an excellent devotional resources), and Calvetica (a substitute for the built-in Calendar app).

On this blog you’ll find short articles on some of the practical uses for the iPad in your ministry, such as data collection, productivity, preaching, media-enhanced ministry, managing your library, and even conducting a wedding.

The best thing about the iPad is that there is no one right way to use it. Modern tablet computers (like the iPad and others) are just as versatile as desktop or laptop computers — and maybe even more so, due to their portability. So be creative! And share with us (in the comments below) the new uses you find for the iPad in your life and ministry. And congrats again on your new iPad! I’m sure you’ll love it.


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