PastoralCare app updated for iPad

I’ve written before about the excellent and highly practical PastoralCare iOS app. It offers a wealth of resources for the busy pastor on the go: rites for every official act a minister may be called to perform, and devotional materials such as Scripture readings, prayers and hymns to be used in a wide variety of settings.

When the app was released late last year, it was formatted only for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’ve enjoyed having the app on my iPhone for those times when there arose an unplanned opportunity for ministry and I didn’t have any printed resources with me. And the backlit screen works even better than a book when in a dimly-lit room.

Now, as promised, PastoralCare has been updated as a universal iOS app — which means native resolution for the iPad and perfect for use in front of the congregation or in a hospital room. This app should be one of the first that a pastor downloads if he is serious about using his iPad for ministry purposes.

PastoralCare is available for $19.99 in the iTunes app store.

The publishers of PastoralCare are the same that brought us the worthy PrayNow app. Both of them serve well as devotional apps for pastors and laity alike.


2 Responses to PastoralCare app updated for iPad

  1. Todd Schroeder says:

    I also use a Lectionary for preaching. I’ve been using the iPad in worship now for about a year. We have moved to using Logos Proclaim software for projecting worship slides in our blended service. Of course, there’s an app for that.

    I have been using Bento as well. How did you set up Bento to import the Lectionary dates, readings? I would like to go with a template as you have in screenshot.

    • revguy says:

      Todd, I could share my Bento template, but not every church body follows the same lectionary. I found a spreadsheet online for the lectionary that my church uses and simply copied and pasted the readings into Bento on my Mac.

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