As we go along, I’ll be adding here reviews and links to some accessories to get the most out of your iPad:

  • Keyboard. The onscreen keyboard works well enough for short notes, but for any serious typing you’ll want something like Apple’s wireless keyboard. Apple’s keyboard dock works well on your desk, but is awkward to carry around in a bag since it doesn’t fold.
  • Cables and adapters. With a VGA adapter, you can add an external display (think projector or large screen TV) to your iPad. Apple’s Camera Connection Kit will allow photos from your digital camera to be loaded directly onto the iPad from a thumb drive or SD card.
  • Dock. Not necessary, but a dock serves not only to sync your iPad to your computer, it also sets it up vertically so you can use it as a separate screen — either connected to your desktop (via Air Display for example), a nice clock, or a even digital picture frame.
  • Case. There are dozens of cases to choose from, so it mostly comes down to personal preferences in the categories of style, utility and overall protection to the tablet itself. I personally really like the official case from Apple for my iPad 1.

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