What would the perfect iPad app for pastors look like?

We’ve all seen the ads claiming: “There’s an app for that.” No matter what your niche or special need, Apple is confident you’ll be able to find an application on its iTunes store that will make your life a little bit easier. When I bought my iPad, I assumed the same would be true for a pastor’s needs. But 18 months after the iPad’s release (and years after the iPhone app store first came online) I’m still waiting for that one app that is perfectly designed for aiding me in my ministry. Sure, there are a number of apps that collectively do what I need. But what if you could have everything in one place? Here are some suggestions:

  • Prayer list. I would want to be able to keep track of people that I am praying for with reminders to follow up.
  • Contact list. The iPad already does contacts, but I’d like more places to enter data relevant to my ministry. In an ideal world app, when I pulled up a member’s name it would show me that person’s phone number, email, and address, photograph, names of spouse and children, church attendance record, history of personal visits I made, church roles and offices held, and prayer list requests.
  • Journal. This could be used to record thoughts on my daily devotions or to record notes from counseling and other visits.
  • Quick list of important Bible verses. For use in counseling or other situations.
  • Lectionary. For personal Bible reading and sermon preparation.
  • Sermon notes. This section would offer a checklist of reminders for research and reflection as I prepared my sermon each week.
  • Mileage record. For reimbursement and tax purposes.

Maybe that’s too much for one app. I guess I’d be happy with just a contact app that kept the info I mentioned above. It would be difficult to incorporate into one all of the features of my favorite iPad apps.

If you were to design an app from scratch for pastors, what would it have to include? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.