Preaching from an iPad?

I’m not accustomed to ranking pulpits in any order, let alone by their “coolness.”  But I have to admit that the PastorGear site has stumbled upon what is arguably “the coolest pulpit ever“. The iPodium comes with a place cut out for an iPad (or alternate tablet) to be placed right into the top surface.  The base models are priced beginning at $800, and the creative people at Little Mountain Productions will custom make an iPodium to fit your needs.

Okay, geeky attraction aside, would I actually preach from an iPad (whether or not it was embedded in my pulpit)? A blog post from Bret Capranica offers a list of benefits and drawbacks. Some of the benefits of preaching from an iPad include: no more paper and printers, a smaller pulpit footprint and the ease of future reference and review of all your sermons. I would say, though, that you can have your sermons and notes handy on your iPad for future use without having to preaching directly from it. Pastor Capranica observed that one drawback was that you had no option of quickly adding handwritten notes to your sermon manuscript. Another was a distracting glare (or glow) from the iPad, depending on the lighting. My worst fear, of course, would be of some glitch or battery problem that would (at least temporarily) make my iPad tablet less useful than Moses’ pre-carved tablets of stone. Read more of this post