My name is Guy Marquardt. I’m an ordained pastor of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, currently serving Christ Ev. Lutheran Church in Lodi, CA. Before this, I served as a missionary in southern Brazil for 14 years. I’ve dabbled in computer technology as a hobby since college, using it as a stress reliever as well as a productivity tool. In bursts of creativity, I wrote/programmed a text adventure game called Pastoral Pitfalls and designed the (formerly quite popular) Interactive Passion History.

This blog means to offer an answer to the question: “What could a pastor do with an iPad that he couldn’t do with his laptop or any other tool he already owns?”  What value and benefit does an iPad offer to justify the expense of not just the tablet itself, but also the other accompanying expenses? Since I’m a pastor, I plan on offering tips and tricks for using an iPad in the pastoral ministry. I’ll also offer reviews of some apps that I’ve found helpful. Other types of technology in the ministry might be mentioned from time to time. And obviously some of what you read here may work just as well for other professions outside the pastoral ministry. Feel free to add your own thoughts and experiences.

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